The Photographer in YouThe Photographer in You


Hello fellow Mom with a camera!

This page and it's content is geared towards Mom's who just want to do a better job at capturing the every day life of their family. If you are a professional, this might not be the right place for you to learn something you didn't know yet, however feel free to stick around, maybe there is a thing or two, who knows. In that case, I am glad you found me!


Let's jump right into it, shall we!

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Manual ModeGain more control by using your dSLR in Manual Mode Lightroom BasicsBasic Touch Up Techniques for Novice Lightroom Users dSLR Back Button FocusLearn how to use Back Button Focus and Why you might fall in love with it. Shutter SpeedWhat is it and how to use it effectively! ApertureWhat is it and when to use it effectively! ISO and GrainWhat is ISO? Learn to embrace the grain!

Did you get a new dSLR camera to capture your children's every move and now your photos don't turn out at all the way you expected them to? I know it can be confusing and frustrating, believe me! I was there several years ago.

Don't worry though, I have you covered and have written up a comprehensive guide that will shed some light on your dSLR, speedlite flash systems and more.

The guide covers everything from basics to intermediate knowledge. We will even discuss composition and other photography techniques!

This eBook is $28 and worth every penny if you are at a loss and feel like throwing your camera again the wall.

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