The Artist

I am Jackie Kelly, I am a mother and portrait artist. Documenting life around me as it happens is my passion: It's what I am good at and it is what fulfills me. I love catching personalities and honest smiles, so when you see my images, you can feel the personalities of the people I photographed. Are you after more traditionally posed portraits? No worries, I got you too! The end goal for me is very simple: Everybody deserves to have beautiful portraits of themselves in their home.

I believe that extraordinary images of you and your family should always be part of your home design and I get excited about the joy on my clients' faces when they get to see and feel and touch their very own piece of art.

I believe owning artwork created from images of what matters most to you produces an intense feeling of satisfaction, especially if coming home to it after a hard day of "life". Often times the smile it creates on our faces is all we need to leave our worries behind.

So whether you are celebrating love, family or yourself; know that with me, you will have a professional by your side!

The "Why"

My "why" is simple: To preserve some of the most precious memories and I am not just talking about the ones depicted in portraits.

I am talking about pulling out the family photo album as a young child and asking my parents who the relatives and friends were in those images. I am talking about albums and walls filled with portraits of myself with my sister and parents. I am talking about loosing loved-ones over the years and realizing we don't have nearly enough portraits of them, if any at all. I am talking about realizing that there are more images taken nowadays than have ever been, but sadly less printed than ever before.

Although it makes sense that due to technological advancements, we can find temporary satisfaction in capturing a moment with our smart phones; but how many of those moments do we really print? Are our electronic devices really capable of capturing something that can be printed on high quality archival paper or do those images only look good on a screen? When we leave this life behind, will we pass along our cloud storage and computer passwords so others can access our photos? Will our loved ones really sift through tens of thousands of random images on our old cloud to remember us? 

If you ask yourself the same questions, then your "why" might be because you realize that portraiture is a big deal! A beautiful portrait of you and/or your family in your living room will bring a smile on your face after a hard day at the office. Allowing kids to see portraits of themselves hanging on the walls at home, gives them a sense of belonging. Sitting down with an album in your lap, will offer not only time well spent, but great memories resembling those that many of us have from our childhood as we looked through albums back then.

I realize I just expressed my worry with modern technology, however it does allow for something beautiful to happen: It enables me as an artist to create and develop lasting, high quality archival and museum quality products that can be cherished by many generations, which are very different from the old portraits some of us still own that started to fade and stick to the protective glass many years ago.

The "How"

The process is easy: Contact me and we will discuss everything from start to finish to meet your portraiture needs. I realize you probably have a very busy lifestyle, so taking away the guesswork and time ill-spent is my goal. I will answer all of your questions and show you sample products during my complimentary consultation. We will capture your portraits and get together about 2 weeks later so you can choose the portraits you want in form of the product of your desire. Only buy what you love!!! Once your products are received by me, I check them for quality and deliver them to your door step. Wall design and install included.