Hi there,

so glad you are interested in learning more about how to prepare for group sessions. Whether you are preparing for an engagement session or would like to schedule something for the whole family, there are always a few little things people might worry about as they plan for a session.

I realize that having photographs taken is quite the investment and I take it very seriously! I put a lot of hard work into preparing for your session, during the session and during post production. So there is never a question about how committed I am compared to a big-box photo studio, where you all sit in a room, lights pointing at you and five minutes later you are done.

If you've had a chance to look around my gallery you will have noticed that I love going outside! If you have a specific location in mind, I would love hearing about it. However keep in mind that most pictures do not show off the surrounding too much, but we will get some of those gorgeous landscape pictures in if that's what tickles your fancy. After all, what state is more beautiful year-around than Colorado?

Got little ones?

Family photo sessions are so much fun! To make sure your kids have fun as well, may I suggest the following:

  • Schedule the photo session for the morning time, when they are most likely well rested
  • Bring snacks and whatever else they might need if we have to take a wellness break
  • Let them be them! Candid shots are the most fun, so let them run around and be kids!
  • Bring extra clothes... accidents happen or they might get too dirty from running around early on.

What to wear?

Preparing for a photo session can be fun and stressful, especially if are trying to dress your whole family. Don't worry, here are some tips and just go with what seems most suiting for your family, if any do at all:

  • Don't wear clothing with characters printed on them! Believe me, you will not regret following this rule when you get to see your pictures.
  • Try to have everybody stay within the same color family.
  • Try to pick items that are not too busy and settle on just a few color combinations.
  • We will walk around, so leave your new cute 4 inch-ers in the closet and pick something more comfortable.
  • Less is more (colors that is!)

Are you thinking about having everybody wear the same colors, you know, kind of like that picture you saw in the magazine last month where everybody was walking down the beach in all white?

If you do, keep the following in mind:

  • Pick only one to two colors
  • Make sure everybody feels comfortable wearing that color (some men don't like to wear pink as an example)
  • Make sure it's the exact same color...So let's say you picked purple and white. Everybody should wear the same hue of purple. Otherwise you will have people show up in lavender, lilac and what have you.
  • Try to stick to simple outfits. It doesn't have to be "white pants, purple shirt". People should be able to pick what they want to be white and what they want to be purple or layer items (purple shirts, white overcoat). I said simple, not boring and if things don't get mixed up, it might just end up look boring. I would however stay away from patterns.

I hope all this helped you a little. I also hope that you have learned a little bit about me and my style and decided to hire me for your next group photo shoot.... more than one is always fun!


Thank you for considering me!!